Your Honour



In this time and age.

I’ve noticed something strange.


We live in a world of judges.

They stone you hard you can’t dodge.


Progress haters.

Beauty “slayers”.


Jury pass their verdicts.

Without asking what the matter is.

No deposition, No investigation.

They bang their gavel of condemnation

Smacking with utter indignation

Like seriously!

We do it as if we’re no human.

Or the “accused” is born of no woman.




Who poisoned our organs?

Why do we live like pagans?


I don’t know.

Honestly, I don’t.


“That cry is crocodile’s”.

“That “miracle” is make-believe”.

“Third abortion, you reckon?”

“High on weed, I think”.


Excuse me your Honour,

Are you that straight?

Are you a saint?

Born with no sins?

So sweet, no shit?

Bull shit!


Your Honour,

You don’t even know me

But you’re so quick to judge me

How you judge that, your Honour?


I think I’m a girl

My mirror says I’m not

My mum doesn’t understand.

And my friends say I’m nut.

Yeah, I know it’s weird.

But please don’t rub it in.


Your Honour,

I didn’t choose alone to live

I once loved, married and made love

But I was used, abused and refused

Now an accused?



Do you know why I wear the skimpy dress?

Do you know why I smoke the pot?

Do you know who sired the baby?

Do you know what it takes?

To work like hoe, live in a hole, with no hope

Tell me if you do.

Or stop playing God


Let me ask you, your Honour

Do you know the pain of a single mother?

Do you know the fear of a “sinner”?

Do you know the future of men like me?

Do you really know my pain?

Tell me, will you walk in my shoes?

Have you ever been raped?

Of your tomorrow and your virtue.

Am I here because of what I did?

Or because of who I am?

Your Honour,

Do you really need to judge me?

When last did you pray for me?

Or am  I beyond prayers now?

You know what?


No more questions,

I rest my case.


Image: Google Image(edited by Pensoul)


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